we fight for their goals

The complete service package

Your sporting career is important to us-that’s why we fight for goals.
So that you can concentrate completely on your successes, we support you in all tasks that belong in the background from financial aspects, about psychological support to legal matters.


the foundation stone

Success with the right strategy

Your sports career should stand on a healthy and expandable base. Our understanding of developing a successful sports career bases on a comprehensive attendance. We help you in all your future challenges.

We support you:

in search for a club, which matches you as well as interesting sponsors

by checking contracts with help of specialized lawyers

in optimization of your career, considering concerns of your professional education

the financial

Financial security now and in the future

Your sports career offers the chance of an above-average income. Certainly you could also face particular financial challenges.

Use our particularly expertise in this area to choose the optimal way to build up your wealth and insure it for the future.

Individual Finance Plan:

formation of wealth and safeguarding it

choice and co-operation with well-known banks, investment trusts and financial services provider

product choice corresponding to you individual risk class


obtaining and checking of tailor-made insurance offers from different insurance providers

continuously monitoring of conditions and rates of according insurance products

negotiation with insurance providers in case of conclusion of contract and benefit



the image

For a perfect external impression

Professional support of your career in sports is inseparably linked to your personal marketing.

The optimal cognition of your person in the media doesn’t only mean organizing and performing press conferences or events. Many athletes ask for support by coaching. This lets them prove their strengths better in the media and better handle challenging situations.

mental and emotional coaching

successful conversation

coordination and realisation of public relations tasks like: autograph sessions, press conferences and interviews, tv shows

A hobby becomes a vocation



Strong in the negotiation

Conducting negotiations needs a lot of intuition and experience for different situations. It needs many years to gain experience but as a young athlete you need to gain this experience first. Important milestones will be set at an early stage of your career and therefore you should count on professional support in this sector.

With us you get access on experienced negotiators and assure optimal outcome for your future in sports.

we conduct the negotiations with your sports club and player's agents

take care of contract review by lawyers considering

- payment of salary
- contract duration
- locking up transfer fee
- transfer rights
- fringe benefits

we choose and activate player's agents for your career

Family Office

The private life

Private support for them

Careers in sports are often associated with changing places of work. You should make your decision for your next club or the place where you work freely and not by starting a second career to become a brilliant organizer. We offer a full range of services:

representation on all administrative formalities

relocation service

household moving firm
new nursery school
new school for your children

preparation and coordination of new rental and lease agreements

support for apartment or house-hunting

vehicle procurement by car pool


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We are always on the lookout for new talents and professionals that fit into our concept and look forward to every contact.

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Dirk Wilhelm


District Manager

Charles Souopgoui

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